Year 7 Rugby Debut

More pictures below:

A massively impressive first game from the year 7 rugby team saw them take an experienced Outwood Ripon team to a close finish. The progress these boys have made has been incredible! Considering only 2 have played any kind of rugby outside of school before tonight, some of the skill was brilliant. Too many players of the match to mention but some of the tackling from Bradley Green was exceptional! Hopefully we can get a few playing for some local clubs in the near future!!! 

Busy Monday in Nidderdale PE

Monday saw a large number of students participating in extra curricular sport. There was the regular football club for key stage 3 (which has been really well attended all year!)

Mr Biggs was at Harrogate Climbing Wall with 14 students developing their climbing skills to go outside to Brimham after Easter in the newly formed climbing club. 

And to finish there was year 7s first full rugby match and a year 11 football match both going on at Outwood Ripon all on the same evening!!

In total near 50 students were involved!